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I figured it's not really a secret a lot of people adore Angelina Jolie because she's both insanely beautiful and talented. Then I figured there is probably more people than me who likes to make or attempt to make great icons of her because let's face it, LJ icons are a slight obsession around here.

1. Every post must include at least one icon or be an icon request.
2. If posting more than 4 icons, please use the lj-cut. Not all of us have super fast connections.
3. Icons must meet LJ requirements (less than 40K, no larger than 100x100 px, has to be PNG, GIF, or JPG)
4. Graphics are welcome if if the post also includes icon(s). Put the graphics behind a lj-cut.
5. Please credit the icon makers if they ask for it. Comments are usually loved/required.
6. Be respectful when commenting/posting.
7. All posts not following these rules or are off-topic will be deleted.

-If you have any questions/comments, please contact one of our moderators (see below).

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